Adipex Weight Loss Results

Adipex Weight Loss

There are currently no clinical human studies that provide an accurate estimation for how much weight loss can be expected when patients take Adipex. There are many factors that will cause variation in Adipex Online weight loss, including their diet and eating habits and how much physical activity they perform on a regular basis.

What We Know About Adipex Weight Loss

From gathering information from patient testimonials, it appears that the average Adipex weight loss experienced is 10 pounds a month. Although most patients did not disclose whether they were following a specific diet plan or exercise program, it is assumed that there were some modifications in these areas.

What Is Considered Healthy Adipex Weight Loss?

Healthy weight loss is defined by most doctors and nutritionists as a loss of 1-2 pounds of body fat per week. Losing this amount of body fat would require a calorie deficit of 3,500 calories per week. This equates to a weight loss of about 8 pounds per month; however, this number varies enormously between individuals.

Even with the use of Adipex weight loss pills, rapid weight loss should not be encouraged or expected. Rapid weight loss, even in patients who are morbidly obese, can cause a number of health complications, and is very rarely maintained over the long-term.

Only Use Adipex on a Short-Term Basis

Adipex use is only intended for the short-term treatment of obesity and is typically only prescribed for up to 12 weeks. During this period, patients are encouraged to make healthy changes to their diet, eating habits, and level of physical activity. In this way, patients will have healthier habits established by the time their Adipex prescription ends. This will make continuing weight loss after Adipex use possible.

Smart Ways to Achieve Adipex Weight Loss

Here are the ways in which you can take advantage of the Adipex prescription weight loss pill if you have been struggling to shed pounds:

  1. See your doctor. He or she will evaluate your health and weight loss needs, as well as discuss any prescription medications, over the counter medications, and supplements that you are currently taking. This will help your doctor figure out if Adipex is truly right for you, as it is actually intended for those who are obese, or who are overweight and have a medical condition caused by their weight.
  2. If your doctor has determined that you are really the right candidate for Adipex, the next step is to take it according to his or her instructions. According to WebMD, you might be told to take one pill once a day, about an hour before eating breakfast or up to two hours after having breakfast, every day. However, you might be given sustained-release capsules, or tablets that dissolve in your mouth. For any of these products, just follow your doctor’s directions. Also, you don’t want to take this product too close to your bedtime, as it might give you too much energy and cause you to have difficulty getting the sleep that you need.
  3. Always keep in mind that, because Adipex can be habit-forming and addictive, following your doctor’s dosage instructions is imperative. It’s also important to remember that you will only take these pills for a few weeks before you will be required to stop. Otherwise, you risk addiction and unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.
  4. Finally, if you want to achieve Adipex weight loss, you need to change your diet and lifestyle. This includes eating a portion-controlled, low-calorie diet that emphasizes natural foods that aren’t processed or artificial. Beyond that, you should make it a point to exercise consistently, such as by getting to the gym a few times a week for cardio and strength training routines that will allow you to burn fat and calories, while building muscle and slimming down. This strategy can help you achieve great Adipex results.

Adipex Results

Of course, after finding out all those steps to take – and after committing to taking them – you may wonder what Adipex results are possible. Will all the work and the potential for side effects or addiction be worth it?

According to research, the average obesity patient taking this medication for 12 weeks will lose 5.8 pounds. That said, this is the average amount not a specific limit to what you can achieve.  Some of the dieters in the research would have lost more while others lost less.

Your Adipex results will depend on many different factors. This includes (but isn’t limited to):

  • Your body’s unique response to the medication
  • How consistently and accurately you stick to your calorie-restricted diet as prescribed by your doctor
  • Your adherence to any physical activity recommendations made by your doctor
  • How long you continue to take this medication (with breaks between 12-week periods of use)
  • How accurately you follow the directions provided on your prescription label

If you feel that you simply aren’t getting the Adipex results you should be, it’s a good idea to speak with your doctor. There may be some changes that you can make, or your doctor may decide that this pill isn’t working well for you and may prescribe something else instead.

Talk to Your Doctor About Adipex Weight Loss

For a lot of people, Adipex is the solution that worked for them when trying to slim down. However, this prescription diet pill is not right for everyone, so care should be taken to ensure it is appropriate and safe for you to take it to lose weight. If it isn’t right for you, rest assured that there are plenty of other options out there, including other prescription diet pills and weight management supplements that you can purchase over the counter, so definitely consult with your doctor about your other options if this is the case.