Adipex Vs Phentermine

Adipex Phentermine

When exploring different weight loss medications with their doctors, many patients are told about Adipex and Phentermine. While an Adipex vs Phentermine comparison may reveal, at first glance, that these are two separate medications, the truth is that they do in fact contain the same ingredient, which is phentermine hydrochloride (phentermine hcl).

Despite this major similarity, there are some important aspects that should be taken into account when deciding between Adipex vs Phentermine. Below, we compare Adipex to Phentermine so that you can get to know these diet pills a little better, and so you can make the right decision when you want to take a prescription diet pill that will help you achieve your weight loss goals in a shorter amount of time.

Adipex vs Phentermine: The Similarities

In addition to containing the same active ingredient, there are other things that make Adipex and Phentermine so similar.

According to, both of these diet pills are considered anorexiants and CNS stimulants. This basically means that they work by suppressing your appetite and giving you more energy and alertness. These effects can be really helpful when it comes to losing weight because they can help you more easily limit the number of calories that you consume every day, and they can also help you feel energized enough to get those workouts in and burn more calories and fat through physical activity.

Despite those benefits, however, both of these prescription diet pills do come with some drawbacks as well. There is the potential for side effects while using these products, and some of those side effects can be severe. Also, it is important to take these pills only as directed by your doctor, as they also come with the risk of physical and psychological dependency. In other words, you might become addicted to them. Yikes!

Adipex vs Phentermine: The Differences

Even though Adipex and Phentermine contain the same active ingredient, there are some differences that should be recognized.

  • To begin with, it is important to realize that Adipex is a brand name drug manufactured by Gate Pharmaceuticals that contains 37.5mg of phentermine hcl. Adipex is sold in both tablets and capsules that are very unique in their appearance.
  • Phentermine is the generic name for this drug and is sold under a variety of different brand names and generic forms. These different forms of Phentermine diet pills contain a range of different phentermine hcl dosages and range in appearance.
  • In terms of Adipex vs Phentermine, the difference is that Adipex contains a set dosage of phentermine hcl, whereas generic Phentermine may contain more or less depending on the product. Patients who are prescribed Adipex will be receiving 37.5mg phentermine hcl per tablet or capsule. This is the most common dosage of phentermine prescribed.

Now that you know about the main differences between Adipex vs Phentermine, as well as the similarities between these products, you have even more knowledge that can help you make the right decision about the type of weight loss product that you would like to try to meet your slim-down goals. And, if you discover that neither of these products is right for you, rest assured that there are also many diet pills that you can buy over the counter instead.