Popular Phentermine Alternatives

Many people who need to lose weight will speak with their doctors about taking Phentermine because it is the most commonly prescribed diet pill. However, this prescription drug is not meant for everyone, so many people are looking for Phentermine alternatives.

For one thing, this diet drug is only legally prescribed to individuals who are diagnosed as obese and who need to lose weight in order to lower their risk of serious medical conditions, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes. For another, many people have adverse reactions to stimulant drugs like Phentermine. Moreover, this medication is meant to be used only over the short term, and it comes with the risk of some unpleasant side effects.

For people who cannot use this diet pill, or would prefer not to use such a harsh drug, they make seek out popular Phentermine alternatives.

That being said, if you are not obese (which is good news!), what you’re seeking is not Phentermine alternatives. Instead, what you need is a premium nonprescription diet pill like Phentramin-D. The science-backed ingredients in this weight management pill not only help to enhance focus, giving you added support to stay on top of your commitment to your reduced-calorie diet, but they also provide the benefit of increased metabolism to improve your dieting efforts, as well as an energy boost so that you can power through your day even when you are consuming fewer calories.




Best Phentermine Alternatives

At one time, one of the more common ingredients in nonprescription diet pills that marketed themselves as Phentermine alternatives was ephedra. However, this ingredient has been banned by the FDA for several years due to the fact that it comes with the risk of certain side effects that can be dangerous or even life threatening. Moreover, it was deemed ineffective for anything beyond short-term weight loss.

Since then, many other chemical and natural ingredients in Phentermine alternatives have made their places in the market. Hoodia is one such ingredient. It has seen a significant amount of hype over the last few years, and has maintained its place in the spotlight when many other ingredients have been all but forgotten. While hoodia is often claimed to be a highly effective appetite suppressing ingredient (although unproven), the problem is in finding a product that uses the right species of the plant, the right part of the plant, and in a large enough amount. This is rare and expensive, so products containing the right type and amount of hoodia are quite costly – for many dieters, prohibitively so. Moreover, with all of the strategic wording that manufacturers use on their product labels, it’s exceptionally difficult to tell which ones contain the right hoodia ingredient.

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