Adipex vs Qnexa

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When considering the various weight loss products that are available to dieters, the Adipex vs Qnexa almost inevitably comes up at some point or another. Obesity is a tremendous issue in the United States as well as many countries around the world, and the battle against this problem – and to achieve adequate fat reduction – is an ongoing one for many people. Though everyone knows that eating a healthy, portion controlled diet and exercising every day is what is required in order to achieve a weight goal, for many, that is far easier said than done.

Among the many different pills available it is the Adipex vs Qnexa question that is among the most frequently asked, as the first has withstood the test of time following FDA approval as a prescription drug, and the second is a newcomer to the marketplace, fighting for its approval.

To compare Adipex vs Qnexa, the two must first be examined separately. The former of the two is available only by prescription from a licensed doctor. It is designed for individuals who are obese and have a certain body mass index that threatens their health and puts them at risk for certain serious health conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure, among others. It works as an appetite suppressant by stimulating certain parts of the brain that are responsible for the sensation of hunger. It also boosts the body’s energy levels, which makes it easier for the dieter to burn calories, as he or she will not be as fatigued so that exercising will be more achievable. Among all of the prescription diet pills, this is one of the most popular. That said, it is not designed for everyone. It will conflict with certain health conditions and is – as a prescription drug – associated with certain unwanted side effects in some users.

When looking at the second half of Adipex vs Qnexa, on the other hand, you will see a drug that is still waiting for the FDA to give the nod. On April 9, 2012, an advisory panel from that regulatory agency further delayed the drug’s approval. This new kind of drug combines Phentermine – the primary ingredient in Adipex – and Topirimate, also known by the brand name Topomax. The delay over its approval is regarding safety concerns. So far, it is known that it will cause birth defects in newborns, and that it can impact the heart rate and may cause cardiovascular complications.

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