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Many dieters who receive a prescription would like to know if there is Adipex insurance coverage when it comes time to fill it, or will the whole cost have to be made out of pocket. Though this medication is not meant for the long term, and will be used only over a period of several weeks, it is still not considered to be inexpensive and would therefore be prohibitive for many people if it is not included among the covered items on their policies.

Though there are some insurers who do include diet pills on their drug plans, Adipex insurance coverage is often restricted. This brand name version of Phentermine is an appetite suppressant meant for obesity treatment. As some weight-related treatments are covered by health policies – such as for morbid obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, or a risk of hypertension – there is a chance that the pills could be covered. Before actually making the purchase, contact your insurer to discuss your plan and find out precisely what it covers. If the brand name is not included, then the generic alternative might be.

If you have Medicaid, then it will depend on your state and the specific plan you have. Though no state requires this plan to cover weight loss medications, some of them have opted to provide it for certain patients who have specific health needs.

Twenty seven American states do not have any Adipex insurance coverage through Medicaid. These include Massachusetts, Colorado, Arizona, Mississippi, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington, Tennessee, Delaware, Arkansas, Texas, Connecticut, Ohio, Nevada, Utah, Montana, West Virginia, Illinois, Wyoming, Kentucky, Indiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Maine, and Alaska, and Washington D.C.

Some states that may include some Adipex insurance coverage on their Medicaid in certain specific conditions include Michigan, Missouri, Idaho, Oregon, Nebraska, Minnesota, and New York. There are many conditions which need to be met in order to qualify for coverage within those states. For example, in Minnesota, Type II diabetes must also be present in the obese individual. In Missouri, dyslipidemia is a requirement along with obesity, which may cause the pills to be covered.

In Oregon, there is Adipex insurance coverage through Medicaid for obesity threatening the health of the patient.

The remaining eighteen states have Medicaid Adipex insurance coverage as long as certain basic criteria are met in order to diagnose the individual as obese and to ensure that the drug can be used safely by them.

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brock August 24, 2014 at 8:10 AM

How much is adipex with michigan medicaid insurance coverage.


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How much does it cost with michigan medicaid insurance?


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