What is Adipex?

For many people, Adipex is just one of many diet pills that are available to buy for weight loss. Possible medications your doctor may recommend to you in addition to Adipex are Phentermine, Pro-Fast, Adipex-P, Ionamin, Duronamine and Fastin. It is important to realize that all of these prescription medications, including Adipex, contain the same ingredient, phentermine.

Adipex is a prescription medication that is designed to promote weight loss. This diet pill was approved by the FDA in 1959, making it one of the first weight loss medications available for prescription that was studied rigorously before being approved.

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How Does Adipex Work?

Whether you are aware of how chemistry works or not, it is helpful to know how Adipex can work in the body. Adipex is a diet pill that stimulates the brain and changes the chemical reactions occurring within the hypothalamus. These changes cause a series of physiological responses that are similar to those created by epinephrine (adrenaline) including increased heart rate, higher blood pressure and a reduced appetite.

When taken orally, Adipex causes the brain to release a hormone called norepinephrine, which triggers these reactions in the brain. By creating a false fight-or-flight response, your body diverts its energy to other processes resulting in a drastic decline in hunger and appetite and a radical increase in physical energy.

Adipex also stimulates the production of epinephrine in the body. Higher levels of epinephrine force the body to burn stored fat for a rapid release of energy, thus increasing metabolism. When all of these reactions are combined the result is more rapid metabolism of body fat while appetite and hunger are suppressed.

Why People Use Adipex

Though it might be simple to say that diet and exercise should be enough for people to lose weight, for some, it's just not that easy. Instead, they have tried diet after diet without seeing any results. They might be severely overweight as well, making them unable to exercise until they lose weight.

With the use of Adipex diet pills, the body can begin to lose weight, while also giving the patient appetite control to begin implementing healthy eating habits. Over the course of time, Adipex supports the dieter as they change their lifestyle – and this is what has been linked to long term weight loss success.

Some people find that using Adipex is a good idea when they are first starting out on a diet. This gives them the extra boost of willpower and energy they need to stick to a rigid diet plan. Since unhealthy eating habits didn't develop overnight, these habits will need to be changed gradually so as to ensure the patient is less likely to rebound into unhealthy habits when their Adipex prescription expires.

Who Should Take Adipex?

Adipex is not a weight loss medication that is suitable for everyone. As with any prescription medication, there is always potential for dangerous side effects when not taken correctly. Due to the stimulant nature of Adipex, it is typically not prescribed to people who already have health conditions related to high blood pressure or heart complications.

Choosing to use Adipex is a complicated matter and should always involve consultation with your doctor who is familiar with your medical history. While the weight loss results with Adipex are enticing, the patient needs to be ready to follow the dosing schedule provided by their doctor precisely and be prepared to make diet changes before buying. Patients will also want to keep in mind that they will only be able to use the medication for a short time period (typically a few weeks).

Adipex Information

The Adipex information provided by AdipexPill.com is intended to help patients decide if buying prescription weight loss medication will be suitable for their weight loss goals and plans. The content provided is to be used for informational purposes only and is not intended to replace instructions or guidance provided by your doctor.

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